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Policies & FAQs

Spectator Policy

Due to local COVID-19 rules and guidelines, our spectator policy will vary by the State or host gym guidelines. These will be communicated out before each event.

Current Spectator Policy for each Venue (updated March 26th, 2021):

  • Northeast - 5 spectators per team

  • Mill City - 6 spectators per team

  • Husky - 1 person per athlete

  • Smash - Teams are allowed one spectator per player with a maximum of ten per team. All spectators must wear masks and do a temperature check at the front door

  • Downstate - 1 spectator per athlete

All spectators must comply with the league and host site's COVID-19 protocols. Spectators who do not follow COVID-19 protocols will be warned and may be asked to leave by the tournament director.

  • Mask or face covering required at all times (must cover nose AND mouth)

  • Stay socially distanced (6 feet) while inside the facility

  • Do not touch the volleyballs


Will the athletes be wearing masks?

All athletes, coaches, and spectators (if allowed) will be required to wear masks or face coverings while playing and at all times at the event (except during designated mask breaks and water breaks, during which the athletes must be 6 feet apart). As a rule of thumb, if you are in the gym, you need to be wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth. 


Will the matches be live-streamed for family and fans at home?

We hope to livestream MOST of the matches, depending on the capabilities and wifi set-up in each gym. Here are the current live stream capabilities and links for each venue:

What happens if a team has to cancel due to COVID-19?

If a team cannot attend their scheduled event, they will forfeit their scheduled matches unless an alternate competition date can be agreed upon by all participating teams. For the Championship Series, if two of three scheduled teams are able to compete, the event will run as planned, but rather than the play a tri-match, the two teams will play each other back-to-back. The first match will count towards the Championship Series standings, and the second match will be played for fun.


What happens if we can’t travel to the state where we are scheduled to play due to COVID-19 restrictions?

If you are scheduled to play a team and cannot travel to the host club due to state restrictions, the club directors will work together to reschedule the matches for a later date. 

Will my team need to be in the gym during our “off” match? 

For the Girls Tri-State Championship Series competition days, Tri-State Volley's referee assigner will be assigning an R1 ("up ref") for each match. We will not have “work” or “ref” teams for our matches to limit the number of athletes on the court at once. One of the competing teams will be responsible for flipping the score, and no book will be kept. We believe that we can provide fair competition without a work team, and we expect all participating clubs and teams to play with integrity and honesty.

For the Girls Club Cup competition days, the matches will be reffed by the competing coaches (alternating sets), and the teams will keep a flip score, unless the host club provides a referee at their discretion. We expect all teams and coaches to play with integrity, and we encourage "replay" calls in the event of a major discrepancy. 

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