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3 programs: safe and simple

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3 programs: safe and simple

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The Championship Series is our premier event for the highest level boys club teams in our region. Open level teams from U15-U18 will compete in "tri-matches"(3 teams play two 5-set matches, with each team competing against the other two). Team standings will be kept in each age group, and competition day schedules and locations will be set in advance. Expect fierce competition and a high level atmosphere.


5 Competition Days (4 Tri-Matches

+ 1 Day of Playoffs)



Each Competition Day will consist of two 5-set matches with an international point system:


3-0 win or 3-1 win = 3 points for winning team

3-2 win = 2 points for winning team, 1 point for losing team

Standings will be kept for each age division.

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2/13/2021 - Day 1

2/20/2021 - Day 2

3/27/2021 - Day 3

3/6/2021 - Day 4

3/13/2021 - Championship

3/14/2021 - Makeup Date (if needed)

Playoffs will be seeded based on final league standings and playoff dates and locations will be set in advance



$625 per team

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